An iPhone 5s took a swim at the Dam around 4 pm Saturday, but fortunately Brandi Ligibel had a good grip on it as she let it take the first swim of the coming season. Because of its waterproof case, she can take underwater pics in a depth of 5 or 6 feet without harm to the phone. Brandi took this photo while kneeling on the newly reinforced area surrounding the dam as she dipped the camera into the water. The sun cooperated as it shone brightly creating that special Clark Lake look.

Underwater Brandi ps 2015 03-15

Photo: Brandi Ligibel

As inviting as this water looks, it’s way too early for a swim–ice still covers the lake!  But it’s reassuring to know that a swim in Clark Lake is only a couple months away.

Comment from John Deming:

Picture from underwater at the dam was perfect. I did notice some weeds that are starting to grow as the ice has been gone around the dam for some time. I hope that the weeds are not HEWM.