Sunday’s warmth, around 60 degrees, plus rain last night made for more open water. This morning’s (Monday 2/29) southwest winds, gusting to nearly 30 mph, is bringing ice ashore in some areas.  Bill Leutz shows the ice action in these photos taken along the Eagle Point’s west end shoreline.

BL lake 1 2016 02-29

Photo: Bill Leutz

BL lake 2 2016 02-29

Photo: Bill Leutz

This view, from a higher elevation, reveals how much open water there is.  The perspective is from the west end Eagle Point shoreline, looking west.

Photo: Bill Leutz

Most of the snow is gone.  The only snow remaining is where it was piled up or was in heavy shade.  More snow is in the forecast for Tuesday.  One report called for 1 to 3 inches.  You can always get an up to date forecast on the main page of this website.

Yesterday, at least two boats ventured into the open water at the head-of-the-lake.

AS Omo on lake 2016 02-28

Photo: Ann Swain