Eagle Point Hotel coin or token

Bob Fish holds the 5-cent token. Click to enlarge.

Recently this website reported that Rollo Every, proprietor of the Eagle Point Hotel, minted his own coins, apparently for the use of hotel guests. Bob Fish found one of these five-cent pieces among his mother’s belongings and donated it to the Clark Lake Community Center.  There it will become part of the Center’s memorabilia collection.  To view the story, click here.  The story also includes historical photos of Eagle Point through many years.

It turns out there are more Eagle Point Hotel coins extant.   Pam Chmiel has a bracelet with several of them.  She says that it was given her by Myrt Eagy.  Myrt’s husband, Bowser, created the bracelet.  It also holds a medallion, possibly from Bowser’s business.

Still be determined is exactly how those five-cent pieces were used.  Presumably they were given to hotel guests who redeemed them in some way.  Perhaps someone familiar with the coins will recall this chapter in Eagle Point history.  The website email is clarklakespirit@gmail.com.

Below is a photo of Pam’s bracelet.

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