When you read My Clark Story accounts on this website, you can see how deeply Clark Lake is embedded in our collective souls.  The lake becomes part of life in a variety of ways.  But this stands out:  no matter how different the experience, Clark Lake’s icons are always part of Clark Lake stories.  Places like Ocean Beach, Pleasant View, Kentucky Point and Eagle Point.  View historical scenes of one of those icons–Eagle Point.  The slide show below takes you on a tour of Eagle Point from the late 1800s to contemporary times.

The presentation begins with photos of the Point itself, moves to the Eagle Point Hotel; and then, to the Pavilion.  The Pavilion played many roles over the years–dance hall, bowling alley, roller skating rink, boat storage, restaurant, and home of the Clark Lake Players.

Many viewers have lived through the Point’s several iterations. Others will see the faded photographs as a viewfinder of life as it use to be. Whatever your perspective, suspend the cares of today for a few moments.  Visit a time when phones were not available, or very rare.  There was no texting, cell calls, Facebook or breathless updates on deflated footballs.  Take a trip back in time and enjoy some warm sunny days along with the shared love of this incredible place–Clark Lake.

Eagle Point is mentioned countless times on this website.  In some stories, it is mentioned in passing; for others, it is an intrinsic part of the plot. For further time travel to Eagle Point’s past through the eyes of people who know it well, check out these stories:

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Clark Lake Players present South Pacific in 1963

Notes:  To stop any slide, move the cursor over the photo. Remove it to let the slide show resume.

Many of the photos are courtesy of Ella Sharp Museum.  Some photos had a sepia tint.  For display on the website, those photos have been converted to black and white and sharpened in Photoshop for best clarity.