Actually it’s already here in the form of your smart phone, smart TV, surveillance cameras, routers, blue tooth speakers–and the list goes on.  The unfortunate downside is devices can turn on their masters and even bite the hand the feeds them.  What happens when they control you, instead of the other way around? “That’s a problem we solve”, says Carl Evanson, president of Clark Lake’s newest company, E-Connect Technology.  “Our goal is to take what’s complicated and make it simple for the end user.”  That includes solutions for both home and business—video surveillance, home/office automation, network integration, speaker and TV installation, and home theater. 

Carl and kids at Run Clark Lake

The new company will operate side-by-side with A Plus Electric, now located at 9036 S. Meridian Road (US127).  You may recognize Carl’s name as the master electrician who grew his business from a one-person shop 12 years ago to an energetic service provider with over 15 techs and office staff from his base at Clark Lake.  “A Plus Electric continues to grow,” says Carl.  “We get most of our jobs through referrals, and that’s a great foundation for our business.”  E-Connect Technology will rely on A Plus Electric for high voltage wiring and other needs associated with electricians. 

A new face joins the crew at Clark Lake.  Ed Cross is vice president and brings with him 10 years of experience through his company.  Cross Digital is well known for their work with video surveillance, primarily at businesses.  Ed often found himself working side by side with Carl’s team, and this on-the-job partnership inspired the formation of E-Connect Technology.

In this age, video surveillance has become a must for many businesses.  Ed comments “With our video systems, owners and managers can document activity at their businesses, control lights and other devices, or simply automate them. It not only ensures that the job gets done, but saves employee steps and improves the bottom line.”

The operating center for E-Connect Technology is now under construction.  In a showroom setting, customers will be able to view what home theater and other technologies have to offer.  Also, to facilitate communications, a huddle room will link staff with clients, no matter where they are in the world.

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Commenting on what’s ahead, Carl believes the future is now. “The team is excited with the prospect of improving and solving issues in legacy systems and developing entirely new, cutting-edge solutions for our customers.”