Making it legal to operate a golf cart on some Columbia Township roads is getting serious attention.  The Township has put together a draft ordinance that would allow it.  Here are some highlights:

  • Operator must have a drivers license and must be at least 16 years of age.
  • 15 mile an hour speed limit, and may not be operated on any road with a speed limit more than 30 mph.  Also excluded are U.S. 127 and M-50 (which are under Michigan Department of Transportation)
  • Can only be operated in the same direction as the flow of traffic adjacent to the shoulder of the road, and must be as close as possible to right.
  • Must signal as in a car.
  • Must have some equipment also found on cars, including seat belts. 
  • Hours of operation would be 1/2 hour before sunrise to 1/2 hour after sunset

Click here for further details of the ordinance now under discussion.  

Golf carts were last a hot topic in 2018.  On September 18, 2018, this website took a poll in which 364 people participated.  About 84% favored the use of golf carts.  A follow up story appeared on October 16, 2018.  The first story in 2018 appeared on September 17.  In July 2013, (former) Police Chief David Elwell wrote about it on this website. 

The draft ordinance would prohibit the use of golf carts on “a sidewalk constructed for pedestrians.”  No doubt that will raise questions about sections of the Spirit Trail that do not include motorized vehicles. 

Please comment below.   Township Supervisor Barry Marsh says the board will welcome input from the community as they discuss this issue.   

An early proponent of golf carts was Clark Lake’s Chris Kudner, as you will see if you review earlier stories.  At the board meeting last night, Scott Rogers was mentioned as making the case for golf carts more recently. 

In what must be a surprise to all, the Township has learned that sewer bills will decrease.  The decrease will be $1 per month, rolled back to September 2021.  Given that billing is already done, it means you’ll see a $4 rebate from September through December 2021 that will appear on the January 2022 bill.  That will also include $3 reduction for the first quarter 2022.  Controller Heather Peterson delivers the good news to the Township board above. 

The amount is based on what Leoni Township charges for treatment.  Usually it’s an increase, this time it was a reduction.  The Columbia Township board then passes along the Leoni Township charge on bills to customers.