True to predictions, Freedom Fireworks’ awesome display lit up the skies last night.  It thundered over Clark Lake’s water and along every shore.  At times, the explosions acted like a night time sun, casting white light everywhere. 

The art of fireworks has advanced.  One had to marvel at the delicate designs and seeming infinite palette of colors painted on the canvas of darkness.  Photographs rarely capture the visual experience, much less the impression on the senses.  But for the record, here they are.  When viewing, look beyond the display in the sky.  Notice the interesting reflections cast on the water, docks, boats, and shore.  

Both the DamCam and Spirit Cam were aimed at the fireworks epicenter.  If viewed this way, here’s what you could have seen from the DamCam.


Like most events, Freedom Fireworks did not happen without considerable support.  Ralph Mahalak Jr. and his family led the charge.  Many Clark Lakers contributed, some through donations to the Clark Lake Spirit Foundation.

Saturday’s blast from yesterday leads into today’s blast from the past.  The 60th running of Raft-O-Rama, with the theme 1960s, starts with the west end assembly of entries at 10 am.  The parade starts moving at 10:30 am.  Click here for more info.