8228The Upright Citizens will play at the Fourth Annual Beerfest.  According to lead Matthew Dale, Upright Citizens is an old time string band–an upright bass, banjo, and acoustic guitar.

All three members sing–and they play everything from old Elvis tunes to modern rock and roll to bluegrass.  They have lots of fans in this area as they performed frequently at well-known local venues.  Tonight (Saturday 9/5) they are playing at Shady’s Tap Room in Brooklyn.

The members live in the area–Lake Columbia, Wamplers Lake, and Napoleon.  Leader Matthew Dale has a Clark Lake connection.  His grandfather bought a cottage here in 1947, and his uncle still owns the same cottage.

upright citizens ps

Mike Evans will open for the act.  Matt says he’s sort of a “music curator”.  He “builds and plays old traditional Celtic musical instruments…he’s truly one of a kind.”   Matt thinks he’s “perfect for a beer festival, being Irish and playing the ultimate beer drinking music.”

Fifty different craft beers will be featured.  The event runs from 12 noon to 5 pm on Saturday, October 24th at the Pointe Bar & Grill, at Eagle Point.  You can get tickets by clicking here.

The Beerfest is a fund raiser for the Clark Lake Spirit Trail, a 7.3 mile path that circles the lake. Below a photo of a cyclist riding the cut-through from S. Woodlands to Sandy Beach, on Friday, September 4th.

Spirit Trail cut through