The week’s rain almost seemed like the Biblical forty days and forty nights.  That length of time seems to suggest hardship and trouble in the Bible. 

The recent stretch of rain was unusual for Clark Lake.  Beth June was recording the stats.  The rain gauge showed 5 5/8 inches by Thursday afternoon.  Then another quarter inch added to it on Friday morning.  One-half inch filled it in the overnight, bringing the total to 6 3/8 inches this afternoon. 

Just imagine if the precipitation had been snow.  Forecasters say that weather statistics tend to return to the mean.  So, does that suggest less snow this winter, or get ready for the polar vortex?

Fortunately some at Clark lake are prepared.  Having an ark in your backyard could be the wood version of the auxiliary generator.   But no one saw a guy named Noah leading animals two by two.  

The skies cleared yesterday after the constant rain and various shades of gray above.  What did it look like when the sun made its reappearance? 

  • East end
  • Pierces Bay to Mud Point
  • West end

The rain added to the level of the lake, which had been down.  Most people have a dock piece or boat lift that they use to check the ups and downs of the lake.  This measurement falls short of its highest level, but it is definitely showing the effects of our multi-day soaking.