The Menard’s, at the east end of Clark Lake, are preparing for their big fireworks display, planned for this evening (Sat, July 8).  The family moved the annual event to this evening so family members who put on the show could all be present.  And present, they are.  Evelyn Menard comments “we have a big group here today, and this year we’re not settling for hot dogs and hamburgers…we’re roasting a pig!” To read about the Menard’s display other years, please click here.  Evelyn adds “pray that the wind goes down.”  The NOAA forecast from Jackson’s Reynolds Field has the wind from the north at 6 mph this evening.  This photo was taken the night of July 3rd at Clark Lake by Diane Deming.

Today’s wind created a cool morning, and a crisp, fresh feel to Clark Lake.  As the day progressed, the wind brought sailors onto the lake, and did not dampened the outlook for power boats and rafts.