It’s a fine Friday at Clark Lake.  Hardly a ripple most of the day, the sun emerged to warm the lake, and the temperatures reached the mid-40s.  If you like to ski, today would be prime.  Of course, you would want to wear a wet suit.  Earlier this week there were more signs of spring.  Some docks and boats went in the water, and the events are recorded on this website.  Who will be first to swim, go underwater, and do it with no wet suit?  Please email the photo and documentation to

Below are two wide-angle scenes.  The first is of the west end of the lake from along Eagle Point.  The second is from the DamCam which gives you a view of the east end of the lake. Both were take this morning (Friday 3/11).

Fine Fri 2016 03-11Fine Fri DamCam 2016 03-11