Bill Rodgers talks with Pat Dwyer

Bill Rodgers and Pat Dwyer chat before their onstage presentation

The greatest American marathon runner of all time told his story and gave advice this evening (Friday) at the Beach Bar.  Bill Rodgers headlined the Run Clark Lake preregistration.  He was introduced and interviewed by Race Director Pat Dwyer.

In his remarks Bill Rodgers recounted how his running career developed.  He explained the sport of running has undergone huge changes.  His perspective on the sport predates his first Boston Marathon many years ago.  On his first try at the Boston Marathon in 1973, he did not finish.  But that turned out to be the fuel that powered up his motivation, and his running career shifted into high gear. He has won four Boston Marathons including three in a row 1978-1980, plus countless other races and may awards.

In front of the group at the Beach Bar tonight, he surprised some when he admitted “I was once a smoker.”  He knew that had to stop, and it did.  He offered encouragement to anyone in the crowd who was facing the challenge today.  For an excellent look at his career, click here.

Bill Rogers signs autographs

Bill Rogers signed autographs and answered questions throughout the evening.

Rodgers also praised Clark Lake’s Sheri Bush for encouraging him to visit and be part of this annual event.

Tomorrow Bill Rodgers will participate in the Run Clark Lake 12k and presumably lead the way.

The 12K starts at 8:30 am; the 5k, 5 minutes later; followed by the walk. The Kid’s Run should start between 9:45 and 10 am. All of this takes place in front of the Beach Bar on Ocean Beach Road.

This website will post results as soon as possible after the race results are finalized.

At the preregistration session this evening, Pat Dwyer reviewed some of the rich history of Run Clark Lake, now celebrating its 40th consecutive year.  He told how the race started at a time when runs weren’t common and outlined some of the refinements that have occurred through the years.  Today Run Clark Lake attracts elite runners from multiple states as well as runners from our own area.  Preregistration has been strong, and it’s likely the number of runners will exceed 900.

Beach Bar award

Race Director Pat Dwyer, John Collins, Peggy Collins

Pat Dwyer presented awards to John and Peggy Collins.  Peggy’s husband, Tom Collins, had much to do with the development of Spirit Trail and bringing the community together.  Peggy’s son, John, today runs the Beach Bar.  Like his mother, he is also a runner.  The Beach Bar has been a strong supporter of Run Clark Lake.

Bill Rodgers and Ann Swain

Bill Rodgers and Ann Swain

Most everyone at Clark Lake knows Ann Swain.  She is highly involved with many community events, including Run Clark Lake.  Pat Dwyer also recognized her long time contributions and presented her with a plaque commemorating her dedication.

DamCam alternate view

This is the view you will see tomorrow morning

Tomorrow, for the first time ever, the DamCam will give you a view from its perch over the dam but focused not on the dam, but on Ocean Beach Road, the scene of the start and finish lines.  The camera will remain stationary in that position.

Below is the race map.  According to Pat Dwyer it has remained the same since 1993.

Run map0001ps