Update:  The potholes on Eagle Point Road and Lakeview East have been reported to the Jackson Department of Transportation.  See more? Call (517) 788-4230.  Here is a link to the JDOT website.

Eagle Point Canyon? Or so it seems.  There is a pothole big enough to get one started.  Beware as you travel—there is a true rim-bender waiting for you.  What makes it nastier is its shape.  Your tire could fit right into it, increasing the chances for damage.

The key to its threat is its depth.  Although this photo illustrates the size, it doesn’t tell you that it is deep.  That whole section near the swamp and sewer lift station is in rough shape.

Road crews patched some of what winter left behind on the north side—for example, Pleasant View and Kentucky Ave. The photo below shows ponds trying to form on Hayes Drive.  These are the smaller ones near the entrance to the Yacht Club.  There are larger ones as you approach Jefferson Road.

The four inches of snow predicted for the weekend stopped short of our area.  Sunday’s temperatures were cool, but the sun was bright.  More docks went into the lake, trees began to show their leaves, and some people took advantage of the Spirit Trail.