Both accidents caused property damage, were not considered serious by police, and involved rear-end collisions.  But were there underlying causes?

As reported earlier on this website, the first accident occurred Friday, about 6:30 pm.  Columbia Township Police investigated and found that a 28-year old from Leslie, driving a Ford Escape, was rear-ended by a Ford Focus driven by a 30-year old female from Brooklyn.  Police comment that “she was distracted by a mobile phone.”

The second accident occurred about noon today (Sunday).  Police say a 24 year-old from Jackson was towing a boat and trailer with a Silverado pickup, and was rear-ended as he was stopped to turn left onto Eagle Point. Police indicate that the at-fault driver was a 23 year-old from Jerome, who was driving a Ford Escape.  They comment “he was distracted while adjusting his car air conditioning.”

Photo taken at 12:10 pm today (Sunday)