This morning (Monday, Dec 4), a Wilcox Landscaping crew is at the site of the dam at Ocean Beach.  They are taking the first step in the beautification of the area, as part of the Dam Strong project.  Donations to the Clark Lake Spirit Foundation funded the reconstruction of the south shoulder this fall.  In 2012, the Foundation initiated a similar restoration for the north shoulder.  In both cases, the integrity of the dam was at risk.  A catastrophic failure could reduce the lake level by two to four feet.

Landscaping, including today’s upgrade, is underwritten by Mike McKay as gift to the Clark Lake community.  This first step will lead to further improvement.  Four Spirit Trail benches will be available for cyclists, walkers and runners who want to rest and view the lake. 

You can view progress live on the DamCam through this website.


Here is an aerial view of landscaping plans.  The rectangular shapes represent Spirit Trail benches.