Before the rains started today, three of four Spirit Trail benches were installed at the dam, as Mike McKay explains in this 20 second video.

Video produced by Rick Belcher

On hand were Ann Swain, Mike McKay, Dan Omo, Flip Reynolds and Rick Belcher (not pictured). It was Mike’s vision to improve the dam’s appearance, and place the benches and bike rack around the dam so users of the Spirit Trail could take a breather as they circled the lake.  Ann has led the Spirit Trail Bench project, and was helped by others, including Flip, especially in the early stages. Dan, who works tirelessly on the Spirit Trail, was on hand to help install them.

Mike McKay financed the pouring of the cement around the basin, and Wilcox generously donated the landscaping.  As Mike mentions in the video, the benches were underwritten by donors.  To review the Dam Strong Honor Roll, people who donated cash to rebuild the dam’s south shoulder, please click here.