Crab Races Dan cheers 2015 07-12

Jimmy Fallon, aka Dan Omo, fires up the crowd as the race is about to begin.

The kids kicked off the Great American Crab Races for 2015 this afternoon (Sunday). More is in store, this time for adults, through Tuesday.  Not to be missed are the semi-finals and finals Tuesday evening.  And it all happens at Clark Lake’s favorite place, the Beach Bar.

How does it work?  Contestants first register and choose their crab from an assortment in an aquarium tank.  The competitors seat themselves at the table, the host releases the crabs from the center of the table, and the first crab to hit the white line that circles the table, wins that race. Contestants are not allowed to interfere with the race by touching or any undue use of audio (as in yelling at them).  There are, of course, prizes.  Scroll down for more information on that and hours.


Choosing your crab is an all important part of planning your strategy to win the race.

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