Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon has been urging people to join the Cowbell Challenge.  It’s inspired by the Italians, who despite being on lockdown have been singing from their balconies.  Jimmy Fallon came up with American version of ringing cowbells or banging pots and pans.  The event happened at 3 pm ET today.  Sheri Bush and Martha Johnson added their support for first responders and others who are doing so much during this crisis. Clark Lake’s cowbell challenge took place from Martha’s balcony.  

You may know both of these Clark Lake ladies from the Beach Bar.  Martha is a server, and Sheri, bartender emeritus.   

Not everyone has a cowbell handy to grab for an event like this.  Martha and Sheri did a search and found two cowbells in Brooklyn, the last two on the shelf.  You’ll see the cowbells put to use in this video.  At the end of the video, Marty Csizmar, also well known at the Beach Bar, joins in from Louisville, Kentucky.