The Jackson County Board of Commissioners voted today to say “no” to some of the governor’s directives as outlined in her executive orders. 

According to the Board’s resolution, a May 18th communication from the Michigan Department of Health and Human services directs that “local Health Departments and law enforcement shall report” violations of her orders to licensing agencies.  The resolution also notes that “law enforcement is encouraged to ‘…bar access to businesses and operations that fail to comply…'”. 

Among the conclusions are that the Jackson County Board of Commissioners “refuses to participate in such license reporting requirements or barring access to businesses.” 

As you might expect, there is more to this resolution than in the above snapshot summary.  For example, the document lays groundwork citing “one size fits all” restrictions that were placed on the entire state because of severe problems in urban areas.  It also points to harm they believe the protracted restrictions caused individuals and the economy.

To read the entire document, please click here.  

The vote to pass the resolution was 6 to 2, with one board member absent. 

As reported by this website, the governor’s latest order on June 1st lifts some previous restrictions. Click here to learn more