Most people at the lake check out the water level by observing a favorite dock post, by where the water meets their shoreline, by a drive by the dam at Ocean Beach or by viewing the DamCam, available 24/7/365 worldwide on this website.

This spring, the water level was less than what is usually seen after the winter melt off.  In spite of record breaking cold in February, the winter didn’t apparently dispense its typical bounty of water.  That changed in June and into July.  With what seemed like daily rain, the lake’s level rose. Now with fall nearing, the level of the lake has lowered.  As you view the short video below, you’ll notice how little water is falling over our dam.  Those who have been around the lake for awhile know that this is not unusual.  In the late 1950s, there were summers that no water fell over the dam for periods of time.

Here’s a video from earlier this summer.  Notice the difference in the amount of water flowing into Goose Creek.

What if a water level marker were placed near the dam that you could view on the DamCam anytime you want?  This has been discussed, and would take some engineering to ensure that the gradations are big enough for the camera to detect and that its robust enough that ice floes don’t take it out in the spring.