freezing rain on lake ps

Photos: Jill Bentley

How many faces does Clark Lake have?  As it turns out, many!  One recent face was unusual.  Over the holiday, clear ice made possible something that rarely happens–the ability to look at the bottom and view what lies beneath in unusual detail.  This kind of detail is not possible even on the calmest of summer days.  Add to that smoother skating than on a Zamboni-tended skating rink and you have one very distinct Clark Lake “face” to remember.

But a glass-like finish on the lake doesn’t last long as Clark Lake residents found out today.  Freezing rain brought it to an abrupt end.  And it also caused travel problems. Beth June reports that a car, traveling in front of her on Jefferson Road, spun out of control.

In spite of the problems brought on by freezing rain and slushy roads, Jill Bentley caught the beautiful side of this Clark Lake face.  Ice forming on the trees made for some great pictures, a reminder that Clark Lake beauty is always there when you look for it.


ice on tree 2 ice on tree 1 ps