A large group of boats and rafts coupled with many others along shorelines gathered to watch tonight’s fireworks.  Most of the action came from the Clark Lake Beach and Boat Club.  But, as to answer the explosive volleys, other fireworks launched around the lake.  All of it added to the celebration during this week of Independence Day.

Check out these photos, then view the video that sums it all up.

Photos: Diane Deming and Rick Belcher.  Music: Columbia Central Band playing at the Memorial Day parade this spring.

What’s ahead this week?

The Raft-O-Rama team has gone door-to-door so Clark Lakers can line their shorelines with luminaries 4th of July evening. The supply of luminaries is low at this point, but you may be able to acquire a package for your place at Doyle’s Market.

On Saturday, July 7, the Menard’s promise a big show as they launch their fireworks from their dock at that east end of the lake.  Click here for more.