For those concerned about the spate of grey, dreary days, this article is for you.

You could describe recent weather the same way financial guys on TV describe stock market activity:  volatile.  Rewind to the plunge below zero before and during Christmas, intensified by high winds, and artic wind chills.  Then zoom forward to the warm up, accompanied by a long stretch of rain and mist.  Had the sun disappeared?  Talk to anyone at Clark Lake, and this was the topic.  It got so bad that people in Florida watching Clark Lake through the DamCam chimed in despite sitting by the pool, plastered with sunscreen, and enjoying 82 degrees.  This morning (Wed 1/4) fog rolled in—so thick that San Francisco would be jealous.  Then this happened at Clark Lake.  Bright sunshine.  To confirm the evidence, here’s a look at the lake around 2 pm.