When the lake first froze this winter, ice covered all locations except for a few areas close to the shore.  Since New Year’s eve, a phenomena has taken place.  At first small, an open area at the west end off the Eagle Point shore, has continued to grow larger.  BJ Lyons notes “it’s about the size of a football field.”

Observers are baffled.  What would cause this open area?  And why is it growing larger?  There was a short period, measured in hours, when the temperature rose above freezing.  But for the most part the temperature has been below freezing.  In some cases, it has been considerably colder than that. 

On Thursday, BJ Lyons researched the unusual event, flying his drone over it.  The videos provide a perspective on the size of the open area and where it is located in relation to the shoreline.

John Deming comments “The open area may be caused by what’s going on underwater.  The area in question is relatively shallow.  A spring or springs venting from the lake bed may be a factor.  The warmer water flowing upwards may be causing the melt. These vents come and go, but it looks like one or more could be present in this area.”   

Here is BJ’s video of the lake soon after the freeze.