It’s hard to find a perspective where Clark Lake does not shine like the jewel that it is.  And it’s never more true when you get a good look at it from above.  With drones, it’s now possible to do this without hiring a plane. What Andrew Lajdziak has been able to do with his new drone is a prime example.  On Friday (3/25), he and B.J. Lyons went to work on a project that took advantage of a sunny spring day at Clark Lake, and a ride into the sunset which was a fitting finale for the day.  But wait, once you check out the video, scroll down for more.

These photos show the journey, which started over the Beach Bar at the east end.  To see the whole picture, click on the first photo to enlarge.  Then advance to the next one by running your mouse over the right edge and click the arrow.

Another view from east to west

Lake 1As familiar as you are with your own surroundings, you could get to know it even better from above. Looking to support the investment in this incredible piece of new technology, Andrew is offering to take aerial photos or videos of your place for $40.  Examples below.  You can reach Andrew at

Now for a final flight to the sunset.