Would a Clark Lake gift be meaningful to someone you know?  The Clark Lake Community Center is offering specially designed wine glasses and decanters.  The glasses are priced at $10 and decanters, $50.  Each is inscribed with a Clark Lake design. These items are available at Doyles on Hyde Road.

The right parlor. Photo from Nov 2013

The Clark Lake Community Center  is a non-profit that has preserved the iconic cottage that once graced Kentucky Point.

It was a monumental task to move this building from Kentucky Point to its current location at the County Park.  There were too many obstacles to move it by land so the cottage was floated to the east end.  Add to that a complete renovation to the structure and you can see just how much the Clark Lake community put into this project–both financially and by the endless amount of work needed to develop and maintain it.

To read the history of the Graziani family and their cottage at Clark Lake, click here.

It takes financial support to maintain this site that benefits the community.  You’re invited to support the Clark Lake Community Center by giving a Clark Lake gift that will be appreciated.

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