The connection to Clark Lake is often measured not only in years, but generations.  You don’t have to look far to see neighbors who are related or linked together by marriage and lifetime friendships.  Clark Lake is famous for summer romances that continue into winter and bloom in weddings.

This weekend marked one of those Clark Lake connections. BJ Lyons and Sally (Ligibel) Dandar spent summers with their families in cottages next door to each other.  Through the years, the families always remarked, even joked, “wouldn’t it be something if Sally and B.J. would someday marry?”  They took their vows on Eagle Point on July 20, 2013. 

Fast forward to this spring when their first child arrived, a girl.  Today many members of the two families gathered to participate in Blake’s blessing, performed by Sally’s uncle, Ted Ligibel.

To get an idea how families at the lake expand around the shorelines, take a look at this family tree.  It starts with the first Clark Lake generation until it reaches Blake, the sixth generation.

The amazing element to this story is that it’s replicated all over the lake.  If you decided to chart the families at the lake, you would need a piece of paper that covered a wall.