No reminder needed that Clark Lake’s changing seasons offer quite a contrast.   In the week just concluded, over a couple days, oak trees dropped their leaves as if they were racing to the finish line at MIS.  So intense was the event that you could hear them—like rain failing.  Then, before anyone had a chance to rake, it rained.  On top of the soggy mess, wet snow fell until mid afternoon yesterday.  This video illustrates the contrast of seasons starting yesterday afternoon and contrasting with October, July, and January.     

Yesterday began with some visual treats.  You could see the effect of leaves still on the trees as the snow fell on the road leading to the Clark Lake Yacht Club. 

Meanwhile, the Jackson traffic tangle continues.  Here is more detail on what’s happening at a favorite intersection, courtesy of the Michigan Department of Transportation.  First, they provide some context for the project.  Then, some specifics are noted that should be helpful you need to go there. 

“The contractor is making progress toward alleviating construction impacts on local traffic before shutting down for the winter. Shirley Drive was reopened this past week and work is continuing on the Lansing Avenue bridge over I-94, with the beams over eastbound I-94 being set this week.   The contractor is very busy in the area of the I-94/US-127/M-50 (West Avenue) interchange, including building the new eastbound I-94 bridge over US-127/M-50 (West Avenue) and rebuilding the eastbound I-94 ramp to US-127/M-50 (West Avenue), which is currently closed. The US-127/M-50 (West Avenue) entrance ramp to eastbound I-94 is scheduled to be closed the week of Nov. 15 in order to make the temporary ramp more conducive to snowplowing operations.   The contractor also continues to work on concrete paving on the west half of US-127/M-50 (West Avenue) through the area of the interchange. Work also continues to progress at the new I-94/Elm Road interchange, where the new Elm Road bridge is being built, as well as associated earthwork for the new interchange. It is anticipated that the majority of work impacting traffic will be wrapped up by late December.  I-94 traffic will be maintained in its current configuration through the winter months.

          “The following are ramp and local road impacts that remain active or are scheduled:

  • The northbound US-127/West Avenue ramp to westbound I-94 is closed with traffic detoured via the Springport Road interchange. This ramp will remain closed throughout the winter.
  • The northbound and southbound US-127/M-50 (West Avenue) ramp to eastbound I-94 is maintained via a temporary ramp using a temporary traffic signal. This temporary ramp configuration will remain in place throughout the winter, with the exception of a short-term closure of the ramp the week of Nov. 15. 
  • The eastbound I-94 ramp to US-127/M-50 (West Avenue) is closed, with an anticipated reopening date of Dec. 6.
  • One lane of northbound US-127/West Avenue is currently closed from Sparks Street to Springport Road. It is anticipated that a second northbound lane will be opened in mid- to late December.
  • Lansing Avenue is closed from Royal Drive to Shirley Drive. It is scheduled to reopen in late December.
  • The Elm Road entrance ramp to eastbound I-94 is maintained via a temporary ramp from Blake Road. This configuration will remain in place through the winter.
  • The westbound I-94 exit ramp to Elm Road is maintained via a temporary ramp to Seymour Road. This configuration will remain in place through the winter.
  • Shirley Drive reopened on Wednesday, Nov. 10.