Lynn Vanwagnen

Dr. Lynn Vanwagnen is not only a physician but a Clark Lake “plant doctor.” For years he has created and maintained the triangular garden at the intersection of North Lake and Hyde Roads.

It would be hard to ask for a better weekend in early May.  The temperature reached 80 degrees and the humidity stayed low–only 30%.  And the gentle southwesterly breeze reawakened feelings of summer at the lake.  No doubt that motivated people to engage in out of doors activities.

This morning was the 2015 replay of what has become an annual event for Dr. Lynn Vanwagnen.  For years he daily passed by the triangular intersection of North Lake and Hyde Roads and was dismayed by its disrepair.  He said “I decided to take up the challenge.” And he has been doing that annually for quite a few years.  Today Dr. Vanwagnen spent his Sunday weeding, preparing the ground and planting the flowers, some of which are already blooming.

flowers and lake ps 2015 05-03-15Others around the lake were out in their yards clearing leaves and brush and preparing their own gardens.  More docks went in the lake.  Some of those boats already docked could be seen on our waters throughout the weekend–rafts, high powered speedboats, jet skis, fishing boats and Mike McCarthy sailing his new Hobie.  Adding to variety was a visit from a seaplane.  (see photos below).

The lake’s restaurants also hosted not only a influx of regular clientele but high school kids dressed for prom night. In all, a colorful, beautiful Clark Lake weekend!

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Saturday’s sunset. Just a hint of what’s to come.