Seven years ago, Will Stewart’s grandmother gave him a used wet suit and a pair of goggles.  That started a Christmas day tradition for Will–a jump into the icy waters of Clark Lake on the 25th of December.  So today Will, accompanied by his older brother, Connor, went to the open water at the Point and kept the tradition alive.  Connor recorded the act and provided the commentary.  At the end of Will’s Christmas chill, Connor asks “what are you thinking right now?”  Will didn’t answer for understandable reasons.  We can only guess. 

Connor and Will are experienced divers.  Only a few have explored the bottom of Clark Lake the way they have. Click here to read how they reopened the case of a Clark Lake tragedy.  They also have done something many at Clark Lake have wondered about.  What would it be like to enter the water at the northernmost tip of Eagle Point and follow the drop off down to its maximum depth?  Click here to see the video.

Below, Will and Connor on a much warmer day at Clark Lake.