John Deming on Dam 2015 05-31

John Deming repairing the CarpGard

For awhile, the carp saw their chance.  Overnight rain caused more water to fall over the dam, and pushed the CarpGard away from the dam.  That allowed carp swimming up Goose Creek to make a run for it–jumping the dam and finding a new home in the waters of Clark Lake.

Before the CarpGard was put in place, that happened regularly and it wasn’t a good thing.  Carp are considered invasive and are not game fish like salmon (also known to jump obstacles).  Instead, they disturb and potentially destroy fish beds and multiply like rabbits.  Not much can be said that favors carp.

Noticing the carp activity via the DamCam this (Sunday) morning, John Deming donned his rain gear, walked out on the dam, and repositioned the CarpGard.  Now the carp only get to swim on the Goose Creek side of the dam and must leave Clark Lake to more upstanding residents.