Lucero’s Mexican Bar & Grill, at Jefferson and Ocean Beach, did what nobody thought could happen.  The restaurant’s popularity sky rocketed where no previous venture had succeeded.  Now owner Blair Huff and manager Jorge Orozco plan to apply the same success principles to a new restaurant, also to be named Lucero’s.  It will emerge from the restaurant formerly known as the Steak Eatery, next to Klavons in Vandercook.

What’s ahead?  Let them tell you in this video from inside the restaurant, which is now undergoing renovations.

Blair and Jorge say they will flare the Lucero’s menu at this second location with some new items and plan to have 16 different beers on tap.  Lucero’s on Jefferson and Ocean Beach will continue to serve clients as before.  The new location has a much larger kitchen and will help build operations at both locations.

Those passing by on 127 heading south will notice when the new sign marks the location.

The two plan to open the restaurant by spring.  Come back to this website for updates.

As most Clark Lakers are aware, Blair Huff also owns the Eagle’s Nest Bar & Grill, and Eagle Point Marina.