beer mugPourers and samplers alike gathered on the patio deck at the Pointe Bar and Grill this afternoon (Saturday 10/24).  The occasion was Clark Lake’s 4th Beerfest.  At least 25 pourers served the crowd who were there to support the Clark Lake Spirit Trail and enjoy sampling 50 different craft beers. The event, began at noon.

The weather, for the most part, behaved.  Though cloudy, temperatures hovered in the mid 60s.  Just after the conclusion of the event at 5 pm, a storm blew up.  Several of those still present held down the tents to ensure that they didn’t fly off the patio.  A sheet of rain came in from the west, but didn’t seem to dampen spirits.

Below are some of those who came and sampled (the 19 photos advance automatically).

A group called The Upright Citizens and Mike Evans provided the entertainment.  According to lead Matthew Dale, The Upright Citizens is an old time string band–an upright bass, banjo, and acoustic guitar. All three members sing–and they play everything from old Elvis tunes to modern rock and roll to bluegrass. They have lots of fans in this area as they have performed frequently at well-known local venues. Mike Evans opened for the act. Matt says he’s sort of a “music curator”. He “builds and plays old traditional Celtic musical instruments…he’s truly one of a kind.” Matt pointed out that he’s “perfect for a beer festival, being Irish and playing the ultimate beer drinking music.”

The Clark Lake Spirit Trail has been an important part of the community.  It provides walkers, runners and cyclists a 7 1/2 mile route around the lake.  It was conceived and built by volunteers.  And volunteers, including those who created today’s event, continue to maintain it.  It takes money as well as hard work.  The funds raised by this event, and others, go towards hard costs necessary to improve the Trail. For example, a seriously deteriorated section near the post office was rebuilt this spring. Last summer a new section, between Rita and Grand Boulevard, was constructed.  And there will be additional projects in the future.  At any time, you can donate to the Clark Lake Spirit Trail through this website.  Just click here!

There were at least 25 pourers at tables on the patio deck of the Pointe Bar and Grill.  Below see some of them (the seven photos advance automatically).

Sponsors of the event also contributed to its success and to the future of the Clark Lake Spirit Trail.  Below event organizer Dan Omo, along with committee member Beckey Ligibel, display a banner that names the sponsors.

DSC_4263Those attending enjoyed themselves.  Check out a quick video of the patio deck where the activity took place.