The Beach Bar has tentatively set Wednesday, April 7 to reopen.  As this is not firm, you will want to check back for official confirmation.

It’s hard to drive on Ocean Beach Road without noticing the construction.  What you’re seeing is work on the area where bands perform, along with other outside activities.   The asphalt had deteriorated, and new concrete will provide a fresh, smooth surface for outside enjoyment on warm summer days.   

Renovations have moved forward inside, too.  When you visit, you’ll notice the new flooring, tables, chairs, lighting, and ceiling fans.  The newly painted walls will express a lighter and brighter ambience.   

The Beach Bar has displayed Clark Lake memorabilia for years.  Who hasn’t stepped back in time while being seated or waiting to be served.  These items were added piece by piece as they became available.  The painting project opened the door to rearranging them in a more appealing way.  The glass block bar remains like bedrock right where it is, having been there for the last 75 years. It will continue to be a visual focus under new lighting. 

Other outside amenities have also been given attention.  You’ll want to check out the new look of the secret garden in the back.  And river rock around the building will highlight its look. 

The Beach Bar is action central for the men and women’s shuffleboard leagues, as viewers of this website know. Like the Clark Lake historical artifacts on display, the longboard has its own history.  Manufactured in 1948, it was brought in from Toledo to be installed at the Beach Bar sometime in the late 1970s.  With 73 years of wear, the recent down period offered an opportunity to send it out to be refurbished.  It took a dozen strong men to load it onto a truck for repair.  Once at the Grand Rapids repair site, the table was brought up to date.  It is now back in its rightful place at the Beach Bar ready to hit the century mark over the next 27 years.    

Due to the pandemic, no Clark Lake shuffleboard competition took place this winter.  Just before the lockdown in 2020, the men’s league championship happened, also known as Super Saturday.  Pictured are Tim Claucherty and Mike Bullinger.  To flashback to the winning moment, click on this video.