The Columbia Township board appointed Barry Marsh as supervisor tonight.  Since 2008, that position was held by Bob Elrod, who passed away recently.

Trustees reviewed these options at tonight’s meeting: 1) to appoint an individual with a known interest in serving 2) accept resumes, interview candidates and vote to appoint before October 24, 2021 3) take no action which triggers an election process by the County (nominees selected by the two major political parties), and at Columbia Township’s expense.  Trustees chose option 1.  The appointment is effective until the next general election in November 2022.  

With his appointment as supervisor, Barry Marsh vacates his position as township clerk. It’s expected the Township will consider similar options in appointing a replacement.  That person may be the current deputy clerk, Cathy Hulbert. 

State Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey attended the meeting and and made these comments about Bob Elrod.

He brought with him this special tribute. 

Senator Shirkey also spoke about COVID vaccination mandates and natural immunity.  Scroll down for that video.

The board voted to raise sewer rates to support maintenance and repairs, an increase of $24 per quarter.  But Clark Lake (and Columbia Township) residents may not see the full rate increase, as an account offset will cover it. 

A survey has been devised for future appearance on the Township website, once the questions have been reviewed by the Township Board.  The topics relate to Columbia Township lakes, including Clark Lake.  The results of the survey may help the Planning Commission develop the Township’s master plan. The findings could also be the basis for an ordinance that would govern the activities and practices at the lakes.  This website will list those topics in a future news story. 

In this video recorded at the Township meeting, Senator Shirkey speaks on employer vaccination mandates and natural immunity issues.