Speed Limits Near Your Home

If the governor signs specific bills on his desk before the end of the year, things could change near your home. This legislation, in a series of bills that are “tie-barred” (meaning all must pass together), removes a provision that allows local government some say in the setting of speed limits. This safety valve recently… Read more »

Leaves in the Lake

by John Karkheck

I watched in total amazement, today, someone in our area use their leaf blower to blow their leaves into the lake. I would rather they blow them into our yard than change the quality of OUR lake.

Perhaps this is acceptable if you are daft, but it is all of our jobs… Read more »

John Karkheck on “Giving Back”

After working with different non-profits for years it amazes me just how many people don’t understand the value and benefits of “giving back”.  Obviously not a foreign concept to my family.  Let me share one notable recent exception to the rule, right here at the Lake.

Last evening the restaurant “In Good Company” hosted the… Read more »

Clark Lake County Park Update

Columbia Township Treasurer John Calhoun reports on discussions regarding the future of the County Park at the east of Clark Lake:

On Thursday, January 30, 2014, the new Jackson County Parks Director, Scott Robbins, met with Columbia Board members Flip Reynolds and John Calhoun along with interested residents on the plans for the upgrades to… Read more »

Tax Assessors Inside Your Home

The following is from State Rep. Mike Shirkey of Clark Lake:

A package of bills sponsored in part by State Rep. Mike Shirkey was heard in the House Committee on Tax Policy today.

The bills deal with an increasing trend by some property tax assessors to want to go inside people’s homes, especially on a… Read more »

Rep Mike Shirkey Announces Surplus Revenues

The state has a revenue surplus of almost $1 billion, announced state Rep. Mike Shirkey, who was recently appointed to Michigan House Appropriations Committee.

With his new appointment, Shirkey is one of only a handful of House lawmakers who serve on both the budget committee and standing House policy committees. Shirkey requested to be placed… Read more »

Boats Part of “Sales Tax on Difference” Legislative Package

From State Rep. Mike Shirkey

Last session our office helped push an effort to change Michigan sales tax rules so that taxes on vehicle sales would be charged only on the difference between the price of a vehicle and the value of any associated trade-in. While the bill to do that died last year, like… Read more »

Proposed Upgrades to the County Park

From Columbia Township Treasurer John Calhoun

The parks department for Jackson County was approached by Columbia Township in 2012 about partnering on the upkeep of the County park, as the township was experiencing overflow conditions at the west end park at Clark Lake on warm days during the summer. The Board felt that the County… Read more »

Changes to Hunting and Fishing Licensing in Michigan

From State of Michigan Rep. Mike Shirkey of Clark Lake

Our office has recently received a fair number of inquiries regarding changes to our state’s hunting and fishing licenses. Since, on the surface, this could come across as simply another government spending increase, the question deserves further explanation.

House Bill 4668 passed the House, with… Read more »

Clark Lake’s Own Post Office

Not too long ago, the hours of the Clark Lake Post Office changed.  Here’s the latest.  Window hours are Monday through Friday, 10 am – 1 pm and 2 pm – 5 pm.  Saturday 9 am – 11 am.  If you are a boxholder, your mail should be ready by 11:30 am, Monday through Friday.  The… Read more »