Veterans Day 2017

In this salute, some of our Clark Lake veterans tell their story.  You’ll hear why they joined, what they did in the military, and how it changed their lives.  Find out what it’s like to serve, be in a combat zone, or be in the line of fire.  Some were in harm’s way and faced life or death situations.  But all sacrificed time and energy on behalf of the United States of America.  You may know some of these people, but you may not know their stories.   What you discover may surprise you.  These veterans took years out of their lives for the sake of our country.  You may want to take 16 minutes to learn what they did.

Produced by Sgt. Rick Belcher



8 Responses to “Veterans Day 2017”

    • Tami Reed

      Thank you Uncle Walt for your service. I am a proud niece and a proud granddaughter for the Naval service given by my Great Grandfather and Grandfather in WWI and WWII.

      Thank you to ALL veterans from a freedom loving citizen!

  1. John Karkheck

    A very well written article.
    I learned a number of things that I should have known before.
    God Bless, and Welcome home to all of our Veterans.
    Thank you for your service is very simple thing to say to people, but how many of us take the time to do it.
    No I didn’t serve even though I had a draft number of 26,which matched my birthday May 26,along with 12 for June 12 – the only time it ever happened.
    I come from a long list of proud Veterans, escaping the country was never a consideration, and the war ended before my college graduation.

  2. Walt Reed

    Is that a picture of a young Sergeant Rick Belcher leading into this Veterans Day piece. Welcome home sarge’.

  3. Judy Smith

    I enjoyed this video. It makes the day more important when you know someone that served. Being in the armed forces could be a helpful experience for a lot of young people struggling to grow up and find themselves.

  4. Chris Bacon

    Great Video! Great stories! Very proud of all our great veterans who deserve our utmost respect for their service to our country. These stories serve as reminders and are crucial to help people better understand and appreciate the importance of our military and the people who serve.

  5. Paul Tramp

    PO2 Christian Tramp USCG and SFC Paul Tramp US Army and MIARNG lived on Eagle Point 1973-78.

  6. Beth June

    It is nice to know that we live among brave men (and women, I bet) who quietly served in order to protect us and our rights as citizens of this wonderful country. Thank you to all who were willing to serve and special thanks for those who made the ultimate sacrifice. We are here because you provided for us. Thank you!


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