Christmas, Clark Lake, & Our Post Office

Clarklake postmarkIf you’re thinking you want your Christmas card sent in genuine Clark Lake style, consider getting a Clark Lake postmark.  Long ago, routine Clark Lake postmarks disappeared with the coming of massive post office distribution centers located far away from here.  But you can get special treatment at our local Clark Lake Post Office.  To have an envelope imprinted with the local postmark, go to the office in person and request it.  As long as you don’t have a massive number to mail, Linda, will be happy to accommodate you.

To get a letter to its destination domestically by December 24th, mail first class by December 20th, priority mail flat rate by December 21st, and priority mail express by December 23rd.

Christmas at the Clark Lake Community Center

Christmas decor at Community Center

Christmas at the Clark Lake Community Center

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at the Clark Lake Community Center. John Karkheck says the Center has freshened its look this season with new decorations and are planning to donate what was previously used to a non-profit with the hope that it will help brighten the holiday for a needy family.

John also notes that the Center is “thankful to all those who have purchased the Clark Lake tumblers, commemorative bricks, or rented the CLCC during the year.” The sale of the glasses are part of a fundraising project for the Center. The tumblers would make great Christmas gifts and are still available at Doyle’s Market. The Center continues to welcome donations–and they are tax advantaged. Click here to reach their website.


First Ice

First Clark Lake ice November 24, 2013

First Clark Lake ice November 24, 2013

Guess what some people at Clark Lake saw this (Sunday) morning?  With temperatures in the teens last night, ice formed in several areas.  Winds broke up much of what was there, but it blew around with the slush remaining into evening.  Several ponds and swampy areas were fully covered in ice.  It also remained intact into night.

DamCam Update

Next time you look at the DamCam, check out the new, more expansive view.  The docks that are very close to the dam on both sides are now out of the lake, and that allows for a wider look at the lake.  The wide-angle adjustment will make it possible to get a better picture of when the lake freezes, how high the waves are, and the wildlife that hang out around the dam in the winter.

Regular viewers of the DamCam are probably aware of the occasional down time experienced over  the last couple months.  A major link in the chain that gets the image to your computer has been replaced with a  newer, more reliable version.  That should improve performance, although events like Sunday’s widespread power failure due to the storm are hard to avoid.

If you viewed the DamCam this afternoon, you probably spotted the dock piece that was trying to make its way over the dam.  Anyone looking for part of his or her dock?

Firearm Deer Season

Hunting warning on TrailAs most people are aware, firearm deer season in Michigan starts Friday, November 15.  Trail users should not go through the forested area between Jefferson Road and Lakeview as it’s possible that there will be hunting activities taking place.  For the DNR’s rundown of hunting seasons, click here.

Graffeti at the Township Park

The newly built pavilion at the Columbia Township Park, west end of Clark Lake.

The newly built pavilion at the Columbia Township Park, west end of Clark Lake. Along with other parts of the park, the firehouse building and roof of the pavilion were defaced.

Readers of this website may recall the story about graffiti at the Columbia Township Park at the west end of the lake.  Police have found a person they believe defaced the park and plan to prosecute.  Police also believe another person was involved and are seeking his or her identity.

Recently the Township installed surveillance cameras at the park to keep an eye out for problems.  The cameras are mounted on the fire department building at the park.

Clark Lake Mail Pick Up


Clark Lake's Post Office smiling face, Linda Busche

Clark Lake’s Post Office smiling face, Linda Busche

The US Post Office on Hyde Road is reversing the change in pick-up times established earlier this year.   The new mail pick-up time will be 4:15 pm on weekdays.  The Saturday mail pick-up time remains the same at 11 am.

Welcome Walleye!

John Calhoun and John Deming at the Eagle Point Marina Boat launch welcoming the walleye to their new Clark Lake home

Two-thousand walleyes have found a new home in Clark Lake. This morning, the lake was stocked with 6 to 7 inch walleye that had been spawned in April, and delivered by a company from Imlay City. By stocking the lake with walleye that are closer to maturity, a feeding frenzy is avoided. Fry (or very small walleye) become a mid-morning snack for larger fish, and the whole point of a stocking project can be lost.

When the lake’s new residents grow to be 15-inches or longer, they are a legal catch. It’s hoped that some of the fish will find their way to hard bottom where they, in turn, will spawn and build the lakes population of this desirable game fish.

The walleye arrived at the lake via a tank truck. Volunteers John Deming and John Calhoun took the fish, bucket by bucket into the lake at the Eagle Point Marina boat launch. The stocking took about 45 minutes. But in 45-degree weather, light rain, and stiff wind out of the west, anyone who has taken a dock out of the lake under these conditions knows how it can seem a lot longer.

Each fish came at a price–$2.10 each.  The project is funded by donations to the Walleye Association through the Clark Lake Spirit Foundation.


Clark Lake Christmas

One of the items offered at last year's Clark Lake Christmas event

One of the items offered at last year’s Clark Lake Christmas event

If you’re looking for gifts, be sure to check out  Clark Lake Christmas.  As last year, it will be held at the Clark Lake Golf Course and is for the benefit of the Clark Lake Spirit Trail.  Hours are 4 pm to 8 on Wednesday, December 4th.

Raft-O-Rama 2014

One of the Raft-O-Rama entries

One of the Raft-O-Rama entries

The date has been set for the 2014 Raft-O-Rama–Sunday, August 3.  The theme will be Broadway Shows.  As usual Run Clark Lake will take place the day before, Saturday, August 2.