Updates for Raft-O-Rama & Kid’s Triathalon

Kid’s Triathalon:  Register free for the Kid’s Triathalon at the Clark Lake Yacht Club at 10 am–the event starts at 11 am.  There are awards for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd plus participatory ribbons for all competitors.  There will be lunch for the kids after the event provided by the Yacht Club.

Raft-O-Rama:  To help build your raft, free corrugated board is available.  You can get it from Tucker Boyers at 474 S. Woodlands.  He can be reached at 529-4466.  For more on the Raft-O-Rama, click here. DSC_0032


Revised Times for Kid’s Triathalon This Sunday

Rebels looking for victory at the Fall RegattaThe Kid’s Triathalon and Sail-o-Rama take place this Sunday, July 27.  The Kid’s Triathalon includes running, swimming, and biking (helmet required).  Then all who are old enough to sail can register to participate in the Clark Lake Yacht Club’s Sunday race (life jacket required).

Registration for the triathalon is free.  Revised timesregister at 10 am and the event begins at 11 am.  Following the event, there will be an award ceremony and lunch for the kids.  There will be participatory ribbons for all competitors and awards for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

The event is sponsored by the Raft-O-Rama committee and the Clark Lake Yacht Club.


Spirit Trail Extension Nearly Finished

trail concrete in placeThere has been lots of progress on the extension of the Clark Lake Spirit Trail that follows the curve on North Lake Road between Rita and Grand Blvd.  All concrete has been poured and has been manicured to its final form.  Additionally, a culvert was required for drainage and that is now in place.  Bill Bendele, whose construction company is performing the work, says that the tasks still ahead include shaping the ground around the new section of the trail, laying grass seed and covering the plantings with straw.  He also indicates that he’s looking to install some final touches to enhance eye appeal.

The Clark Lake Spirit Trail committee initiated the construction so users can be farther away from traffic on that section of North Lake.   Tucker Boyers has managed the project.  Ann Swain indicates that the Spirit Trail, including the new section, is financed through donations.

culvert on trail

This culvert is required for drainage. It’s located at the west end (Grand Blvd) end of the extension that connects to Grand Blvd.

Raft-O-Rama 2014

early raft psIt’s only a matter of days until one of the year’s biggest events at Clark Lake unfolds–Raft-O-Rama on Sunday, August 3.  There is no entry fee, but you must register in advance or take advantage of late registration.  This year’s theme is Broadway Plays.

Rafts assemble at 10 am at the west end of the lake.  The parade begins at 10:30 am, follows the shoreline around the lake, and ends at Eagle Point.  The Clark Lake Lions Club will be on hand at Eagle Point, grilling chicken dinners.

If you plan to participate and/or have any questions about Raft-O-Rama, most can be answered by clicking here (you can download this PDF)–or by viewing it below.


ROR Safety Guide for Web 2014-1 ROR Safety Guide for Web 2014-2 copy



Clark Lake’s Gardens

Summer is blooming at Clark Lake and this is especially noticeable right now in some of our public areas.  As anyone who has tried his or her hand at gardening knows, great looking results don’t happen without a lot of hard work.  Fortunately Clark Lake has gardeners who are both willing to make the effort and are talented at what they do.

The Clark Lake Garden Angels work their magic around the Clark Lake Community Center and the triangle at the corner of North Lake and Ocean Beach Roads.  Garden Angels include Karen Bullinger, Shelly Wilbur, Sandy Simons and Ann Swain.

The garden at the corner of Hyde Road and North Lake is created and maintained by Dr. Lynn VanWagnen and family.

The Clark Lake Spirit Trail committee maintains the gardens in the Columbia Township Park and the two gardens in the County Park.  People like Dan Omo, Pat Dwyer, Sheri Bush, Kristi Allen, Ann Swain, Peggy Collins, Sally Lyons, Tucker Boyers, John Karkheck, and Don Fowler pitch in to make it happen.

Get the full effect–click or tap to enlarge each photo.  Click or tap again to reduce.

Ann Nichols Clark • 1934-2014

Ann brickClark Lake is missing one who was dearly loved–Dr. Ann Clark, who passed away this week at her Eagle Point home.  The visitation and funeral for her will take place on Tuesday.  Here are the details as found on MLive.

The family is inviting friends to join them for a lighted tribute in the Eagle Point cove on Tuesday evening at 9:45.

Spirit Trail Progress

Trail extension paved

Spirit Trail extension along North Lake. This view looks west from the corner of Rita and North Lake

The Trail extension that runs along North Lake between Rita and Grand Blvd. is now partially paved.  Crews were on the scene today making it happen!  The photos below were taken after work ended today.  Check out the progress.

From here, there may be a delay.  The county will be installing a drain culvert in the area where the trail extension meets Grand Blvd.








Pine Riders

When you think of Pine Riders and Clark Lake, you think of the amazing history of water skiing on the lake.  This website is building material to support stories revolving around the history of the Pine Riders.  You can help! Email your stories and photos to clarklakespirit@gmail.com.  Then watch for the Pine Riders to ride again, right here!

This is a Pine Riders meeting from the 1960s.  How many people can you identify?  Send your findings (left to right, and by row) to clarklakespirit@gmail.com.

Pine Riders meeting

Gas Leak On South Woodlands

At the time this photo was take there was a strong odor of natural gas in the area

At the time this photo was take there was a strong odor of natural gas in the area

A natural gas leak in the area of 500 South Woodlands this morning brought Consumer Energy crews to the scene.  CE says they received the call at 9:30 am, and the cause of the leak was reported as a “possible lightning strike.”  According to a CE spokesman, the leak was in the underground main line.  Also visible at the scene was a Consumer’s crew working in a trench along side a lakefront home in line with the hole dug in the pavement of the road.

Consumers indicates that the leak has been repaired but a crew may be working in the area this afternoon.


Great American Crab Races

preparing the round

Officials and players prepare for a new race

The Great American Crab Races pass into the record books for another year.  And with it, lots of fun memories.

Every year the races attract not only Clark Lakers, but people from all over the area to the cauldron of Clark Lake crab activity–the Beach Bar. The event started Sunday afternoon with races for kids.  Then Sunday evening the adults got to play.  The challenges continued Monday and Tuesday evening–with finals Tuesday evening.

Winners in the finals:  1st Richard Bauer with “Yellow Jacket”, 2nd Adam Salladay with “Herb”, and 3rd Phil Herzberg with “Marial”.  And now those vouchers for places like the Bahamas, Las Vegas or Chicago are in the hands of the winners.

Proceeds for the Crab Races go to fund non-profits, including the Clark Lake Spirit Trail.

To enlarge any photo, click or tap.  To reduce, repeat.

If you’d like one of the cool Great American Crab Race t-shirts, you may be in luck if you hurry to Doyles.  They will have a limited supply.

crab sign