November’s Last Day

The day started with a beautiful Clark Lake sunrise.  But not unlike other occasions, you had to be there on its schedule.  The moments don’t always last long.  Fortunately Ann Swain was watching and caught the moment.

Later, skies darkened, and a soft rain ensued.

Then, by 11 am, the sun peaked through.  With the ground still wet, color returned to the view.

Be sure to check out the new DamCam, operating 24/7.  You can check lake water level by noting the amount flowing over the spillway, general wind and sky conditions, and current progress on the Dam Strong project.  Below is a snapshot for noon today.

For Clark Lake weather forecasts, go to the main page of this website.

Clark Lake Does It Again

After a sunny day, enhanced by blue skies and 50 degree temperatures, Clark Lake provided another glimpse at awesomeness.  But you had to be ready when it was.  The time span was short, but the glory was long, as you will see in the photos below.

While the sun was still up, it provided a clue to what was ahead.

Photo: Rick Belcher

Photo: Rick Belcher

And in a blink of an eye, the sky painted this picture.

A few minutes later, some deeper reds became part of the palatte.

Photo: Rick Belcher

Bill Leutz caught these two, out on the paddle boards enjoying the sunset–cousins Sally Lyons and Brandi Zak. 

Photo: Bill Leutz

Carefully balanced, Brandi took iPhone photos to memorialize the moment.  You’re seeing Sally on the paddle board in the two photos below.

Photo: Brandi Zak

Photo: Brandi Zak

Thanks to Brandi Zak. Sally Lyons, and Bill Leutz who made this article possible.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Day at Clark Lake began with an amazing sunrise that connected well to the spirit of the day.  Rob Thomas, Ann Swain and Cara King captured the moment in these photos.  At the time the photos were taken, Rob and Cara were at different north shore locations.  Ann Swain was at her west end home on Hyde Road.

Photo: Rob Thomas

Photo: Ann Swain

Photo: Cara King

Clark Lake was also at its best yesterday.  The sun shone brightly, illustrating what we have to be grateful for.  In the late afternoon, Brandi Zak, took to the lake on a paddle board, well dressed for the 33 degree breeze.

As those familiar with Clark Lake know, contrasts happen frequently.  On Sunday, November 19, snow swept across the lake.  It didn’t remain on the ground, but was clearly evident as it crossed from west to east. 

Photo: Rick Belcher

If you missed it, here is a re-posting of Clark Lake Spirit Foundation Thanksgiving video in which Clark Lakers tell why they are grateful to be here.



Hyde Road Hit and Run Update

As reported on this website, Columbia Township Police say a hit and run incident damaged fencing along the Township Park on Hyde Road.  Police Chief David Elwell indicated at the time that they were investigating.  This morning, he issued this statement:

“Sometime in the overnight hours from Wednesday night through Thursday morning, a southbound vehicle left the roadway and struck the chain link fence in front of the Township Hyde Road park.  The accident tore down the fence, and damaged signs that were attached to the fence.  The driver left the scene without stopping and identifying themselves.  Evidence at the scene indicates the vehicle was an approximately 1998 to 2004 full-sized Chrysler product, such as the Intrepid, LHS, or Concorde.  The vehicle is silver in color, with a missing mirror.  In addition to the missing passenger side mirror, the vehicle should have substantial front end damage, including the top portion of one of the front fenders having the top completely cut off by the chain link fence, like a can opener.  We ask that anyone with information on this accident or vehicle/driver contact the Columbia Township Police Department at 517-592-3122.


Hyde Road Hit and Run

The fence protecting the Township Park on Hyde Road has been damaged.  Several sections, including some of the signage, have been knocked to the ground. According the Columbia Township Police Chief David Elwell, it was a “hit and run.”  He adds the police department “is working on it.”


Dam Strong Update #3

Bendele Construction, working with Andy Anderson, poured concrete today as the Dam Strong project goes forward.  Weakness of the dam’s south shoulder could induce catastrophic failure, causing the lake water level to drop two to four feet.  The Clark Lake Spirit Foundation, with support from the community, is underwriting the Dam Strong project to ensure the dam’s integrity.  Check out today’s activity in the 60 second video below.

Mike McKay, who has taken an important role in this project, commented “the pour went well and the crew will inscribe the 2017 date on it, just as the year 2012 was imprinted on the north side.”  As the seasons permit, more work will be done to enhance this Clark Lake icon.  Mike is paying for landscaping around the dam so “people on a bike ride can stop by and enjoy the view.”  Spirit Trail benches will be placed around the area, inviting cyclists, walkers and runners to do just that. 

The Dam Strong project was made possible by generous support from the community.  Click here to read about the Dam Strong Honor Roll.

Video and story by Rick Belcher.

Thankful for Clark Lake

Many at Clark Lake recognize the amazing blessing to be part of this community.  With that in mind, these Clark Lakers tell why they are thankful to be here.  Take two minutes and watch this video of people you may know.  Then join them by adding your comment.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Produced by Rick Belcher

Here are some comments:

Kaci Babineau:
Like my dad Roger says in this video, I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Clark Lake. My parents met here, having grew up just 3 houses away from each other, got married years later and had my brother B.J. and I. This place also kept me close to my extended family like Barb Czyrka and Jack Burns and created lifelong friendships with people like Colleen Dandar Tankoos and Sally Dandar Lyons, who married my brother and added another generation who will enjoy its beauty. It truly is my happy place.

Sallie Miller:
I grew up coming to Clark Lake every summer when visiting my grandparents, Don & Gertrude Lyons, my aunt & uncle, Roger & Dorothy Lyons and my cousins.  Because my mother was a school teacher and taught summer school, we usually came for a month.   I always loved being part of the fun that we always had swimming and boating on the lake.  I recently visited my Aunt back in May, 2017, and found that not much had really changed from a distance, but a lot of homes on the lake had changed.   I was so excited to be there because it was my home away from home in the summer and sad when I had to leave.  It is my hope that I can go back.

Jack Burns:
While still relative newbies with only a little over 50 years on Clark Lake, so grateful my folks brought us to this special place.  My kids are just the 3rd generation enjoying the summers there, and hopefully there will be more generations roaming Eagle Point for years to come.

Steve Lambert:
We’re thankful for Clark Lake for, it seems a common theme, bring my wife Lauri and I together. Both our families started coming here back in the late ‘60’s and Lauri and I got to be more than friends over the wonderful years spent at the lake. We just celebrated 30 years of marriage and look forward to sharing more memories with our kids and, hopefully, their kids! Clark Lake IS a place where generations are born.

Pamela Chmiel:
I am also thankful for Clarklake, great community ,wonderful friends.

Kirby North:
My grandfather North docked a small sailboat at the first yacht club on Kentucky point in the 20’s. Our parents Patricia & Raddy (Radcliffe) North spent summers on the lake growing up and eventually moved out year around on Q Lane. They instilled in their children love for the same happy summers of swimming and fireflies: as did their children, now the fifth generation.
Both my parents died peacefully surrounded by their children overlooking the lake in their beloved white cottage with the green roof built turn of the century.

Diana Ganiard Potts:
Six generations!  This is HOME, and my “piece of Heaven” on earth.  Love it here with all my heart and soul…

Blair Hoppert:
The Hoppert family have been coming to Clark Lake for 5 generations. Love the lake. So relacking and restful.

Amy Belcher Bless:
I’m so grateful to have had the wonderful blessing of growing up at Clarklake. As my mother said “You’ve been coming to Clarklake since before you were born, and so have I.” Home in every sense of the word.

Ann Swain: 
I just plain LOVE Clark Lake. The lake is the first place I see in the morning and the last place I see at night. The many “moods ” of the lake keep every day interesting, exciting and comforting.
My Grandparents honeymooned at Clark Lake, it is where I spent every summer of my life, met my husband, Jim, raised our children. My family has 3 homes at the lake and if you add the Shawaker cousins, we have 5 homes at the lake.  My Brother Bill has written a book called “The Clams Are Still Baking” chronicling our family life at Clark Lake.  Clark Lake is Home for my Family. The best place in the world!

Ruth Ann Swain:
I️ am thankful for Clark Lake and just like Rodger, wouldn’t be here without it, as my mom (from Toledo) and dad (from Jackson) met and fell in love at the lake!  Thanks Rick Belcher am really enjoying these videos!! Brings you all closer.

Debie Meyers Sautter:
Very well done. Thank you!

Stacy Harrison:
Love this! Nicely done.

Walt Shuberg:
Great job Rick


Cold November Rain

The day was reminiscent of Guns ‘n Roses’ song from 1992–Cold November Rain.  It rained most of the day and not even a slight peek of the sun.  And the temperature failed to rise above 30 degrees. Was there activity on the lake?  The rain didn’t stop this person in his kayak.  Notice the stern light.

The song Cold November Rain is about a guy’s romance not working out too well.  But the title of the song and its melody seemed to fit this Sunday at Clark Lake.

Because the day lacked color, here is a previously unpublished sunset from October 13.

Tonight’s Storm

The storm swept in with not much wind, but made up for it with lightning, thunder and heavy rain.  It also took power down for two or three hours in some areas around the lake.  Below Consumers Energy crews were working on a pole on Hyde Road near Doyles this evening. 

An extreme crack of thunder shook an area south of Jackson about 5:15 pm.  It was loud enough to mimic what you would expect to hear from a large explosion.

Earlier, at the east end of the lake, a boat lift got loose, apparently propelled by what wind there was. 

Veterans Day 2017

In this salute, some of our Clark Lake veterans tell their story.  You’ll hear why they joined, what they did in the military, and how it changed their lives.  Find out what it’s like to serve, be in a combat zone, or be in the line of fire.  Some were in harm’s way and faced life or death situations.  But all sacrificed time and energy on behalf of the United States of America.  You may know some of these people, but you may not know their stories.   What you discover may surprise you.  These veterans took years out of their lives for the sake of our country.  You may want to take 16 minutes to learn what they did.

Produced by Sgt. Rick Belcher