Natural Encounters

Clark Lake Eagles Dine In

Brian and Elise Fish report two eagles, an adult and an immature one, enjoyed their repast at the east end of the lake today (Wednesday 11/11).

Brian describes it this way.  He had just let the dogs outside at their home on Florida.  The dogs took off and a few seconds later he heard a… Read more »

The First One

by John Deming

About this time each year, we experience what may happen again tonight, a preview of the gales of early November.

Forty years ago, on the night of November 10, 1975 the Edmund Fitzgerald sank carrying 26,000 tons of iron ore in Lake Superior near Whitefish Bay. The captain and all 26 members… Read more »

Fall Color

Clark Lake continues to offer bursts of color this fall.  Here’s one of those captured today by Diane Deming at the east end, as our lake magnifies the effect.

Old Spring

Natural Encounters offers a revealing look at Clark Lake’s animal kingdom.  It also brings you remarkable takes on our lake’s inherent beauty.  Here is an excellent example of the latter from Clark Lake resident Bill Leutz.  Be sure to read “Old Spring” below the photo.

The old artesian spring still freely flows. Up… Read more »

The Last One

by John Deming

Each spring I wait for the end of what seems like a never ending winter. Some things keep me optimistic during the dark days of winter. For me it is thinking about the arrival of many of the migratory birds that are with us for the summer months. Arriving first are the… Read more »

Making New Friends

Making friends took a new turn at Sally Lyon’s Sweeter SUPYO.  Sally teaches yoga on paddleboards, and it seems that fans extend beyond humans.  At a recent class at Ocean Beach, this duckling decided to hop aboard one of the paddleboards and hang out for awhile.

You can get more information about Sally’s classes on… Read more »

Tale of Two Eagles

by Diane Deming Diane, and her husband John, live at the east end of the lake, south side.

After a busy weekend on the lake it was very quiet and peaceful this morning. That is until we heard some loud screeching in a tree near the lake in our front yard. Both John and… Read more »

Clark Lake’s Eagle Will Have to Move Over

Clark Lake’s eagle must share its title of “bird of prey” with another.  Friday morning (9/4) this osprey was enjoying brunch on a dock along Eagle Point, facing west.  The osprey is all about its diet of fish.  They tend to nest near bodies of water where the fishing is good. And if one chooses… Read more »

Dog vs Ducks at Clark Lake

When dogs, particularly breeds like retrievers, see a duck, a switch goes off in their head that says “go chase.”  How do Clark Lake ducks defend themselves?  They move away from the action.  If on land, they fly to the lake.  If on the water, and the dog jumps in and gives chase, they find… Read more »

The Wise One

by Diane Deming

Are owls really wise?  It seems so.

This owl just sat in the tree for a long time on a hot day last week, apparently deep in thought. I did appreciate his stillness in that it allowed me to get my tripod setup.  That helped tremendously.  The detail and sharpness is the… Read more »