Natural Encounters

Sunday Morning Sighting

As if to herald the 2016 Raft-O-Rama, this eagle flew high over the west end of the lake–from the northwest corner toward Pierces Bay.  The Clark Lake Spirit SPYCAM was out sleuthing on raft decorating progress when this event occurred out of the blue.

Eagle Sighted

An bald eagle was spotted and successfully photographed today (Saturday, 8/6/16), and where?  Near Eagle Point, of course.  Kris Johnson was quick on the draw able to catch the eagle’s full wing span with her camera.

For the Birds

by Candy Wawro

Of all avians we feed in our back yard, our favorites are the Baltimore Orioles.

When my husband gets up at 6 a.m. the orange-bottomed birds are waiting for their breakfast. He fills the feeder with halved oranges, some special nectar we make with a 6:1 ratio of water to sugar, and 4-ounces… Read more »

Snapping Turtle vs Goose–and the Winner Is…?

by Greg Christman

Gary Wolcott and I were walking around my yard when I noticed a commotion in the pond.  I heard honking and water splashing. I saw six goslings swimming in a line behind a long-necked Canada goose. Following the small parade was the gander familiar to us at Clark Lake by its black… Read more »

Loon on Our Golden Lake

As if taking a page out of the 1981 movie “On Golden Pond,” Ann Swain found this loon on an evening kayak adventure. Mixed in was the golden sunset.  The loon, Ann says, has been on Clark Lake for about a week.

A Swan Convention at Clark Lake

Just like conventioneers, they were visitors only for the day.  They arrived Wednesday morning (5/25/16) and appeared to leave by nightfall.

A group of swans is called a bevy.  When they take flight, they become a wedge.

This bevy appeared to consist of 12 mute swans.  They spent their time bobbing their heads below the… Read more »

Birds Dipped in Yellow and Red Paint

by Diane Deming

Flocks of cedar waxwings were seen in our yard for several days gobbling up the mayflies that had hatched and landed in the grass. They would fly to the ground, quickly gorge themselves and then fly up to the branches of trees to digest their meal. After about 15 minutes they would fly to the… Read more »

An Owlet Meets Its Challenge

by John Deming

On Friday (5/13/16) I was clearing brush along our drive and noticed this owl hopping in the may apples. I assumed it was after a mouse or something and thought it would make a good picture if I could capture it with its catch. Off to the house to get the forbidden… Read more »

Six Swan Cygnets New to Clark Lake

Two adult swans have brought six cygnets into the Clark Lake world.  John Deming, who has been observing them, believes that they are about a week old.  They probably hatched on the south side close to the east end of the lake.  According to John, the swan family has been making the rounds, swimming, he estimates, about five miles… Read more »

They’re Back!

Another sign of spring is in the air, or perhaps evident on your windows, siding or boat lift.  Mayflies are making their appearance, though there have not been reports of a massive hatching. According to Wikipedia they live in fresh water “where their presence indicates a clean, unpolluted environment.”  When they hatch, they emerge from the water… Read more »