Natural Encounters

A Sad Swan Song

I wonder where swans land on the animal kingdom’s IQ scale. As winter approached several years ago, a swan remained still too long on the surface of the lake on a cold evening. The result was that it became frozen in place and could not free itself.

Several of us noticed the predicament and would have… Read more »

Clark Lake Swans

We were curious about swan behaviors on Clark Lake this year especially after we saw the proud mother swimming with all six cygnets on her back in early June on the west end.  The proud father had a watchful eye and even hissed at us when we gave them a little organic whole grain bread… Read more »

Ellie Got Skunked

This is not a funny story to me.  I use to laugh a little when it happened to others.

 In addition to the waterfowl, and many beautiful birds, Clark Lake residents and Spirit Trail travelers are treated to a large variety of animals.  They often see, turtles, squirrels, rabbits, ground hogs, deer, and an occasional… Read more »