Natural Encounters

Another Sad Swan Story

You don’t have to be at Clark Lake long to notice the swans that have taken up residence here. They are large, exhibit interesting habits, and are quite willing to take care of themselves when confronted. Given their ability to fend for themselves, and their size relative to geese and ducks, it gets your attention… Read more »

Clark Lake Wood Ducks

My husband, John, and I have lived on the southeast side of Clark Lake for 39 years. We have always been quite amazed at the variety of wildlife found in this area in spite of so much human activity, especially in the summer months. However, if one is observant and will take the time to listen… Read more »

Catch Anything Lately?

Yes!  John Calhoun reports that this has been the best October for pan fish at Clark Lake in quite a while.  John has managed to catch bragging-size bluegills with minnows.  He’s also done well with perch and crappie.

Add to that results reported by Joe Rumler who has done well with perch, using minnows.

If you… Read more »

Walleye and Pike

A walleye and pike floated in recently.   This is the first time I’ve ever seen a walleye and was very impressed with it’s two dorsal fins. We cannot tell how this fish died as there was no lure or prop marks found.

The northern pike was 32 inches long when found. Both fish were great… Read more »

Purple Martin House

After we bought our place on Clark Lake from my Mother’s trust in June of 2011, it seemed like everything needed fixing. Despite major catastrophes like the furnace and the water pump, the worst thing to go was our old Purple Martin house. A mighty wind off the lake ripped the floor right off its platform–it flopped… Read more »

Clark Lake Swans Followup & More

Out of the six cygnets that we saw riding on their mother’s back last Spring, two were killed by the male swan and the rest were either taken by the Cooper’s Hawk, the big black snake we see swimming by on the west end of the lake, three snapping turtles bigger than the size of… Read more »

Turtle vs. Swan

It was late October in 2008 or 2009. Turtles of various kinds often nest in front of our place on the east side of Eagle Point. At the time of this incident, several snapping turtles could be observed. The snappers were fairly large, like to bury themselves in the mud, and could be aggressive.

My… Read more »

A Sad Swan Song

I wonder where swans land on the animal kingdom’s IQ scale. As winter approached several years ago, a swan remained still too long on the surface of the lake on a cold evening. The result was that it became frozen in place and could not free itself.

Several of us noticed the predicament and would have… Read more »

Clark Lake Swans

We were curious about swan behaviors on Clark Lake this year especially after we saw the proud mother swimming with all six cygnets on her back in early June on the west end.  The proud father had a watchful eye and even hissed at us when we gave them a little organic whole grain bread… Read more »

Ellie Got Skunked

This is not a funny story to me.  I use to laugh a little when it happened to others.

 In addition to the waterfowl, and many beautiful birds, Clark Lake residents and Spirit Trail travelers are treated to a large variety of animals.  They often see, turtles, squirrels, rabbits, ground hogs, deer, and an occasional… Read more »