Critter Alert

A couple of Clark Lake’s wildlife entourage were spotted on the lake today.  Two observers said they were definitely coyotes, a third thought they were foxes.

The two were seen along the north shore, over toward Mud Point and through the Pierces Bay area.  Jeff Jarrell, who took the photo, says this a good reminder for those who have small pets.

Mike Ligibel adds:

“We saw them also, in fact, they entered the lake from our side lawn–we are on Sandy Beach.  We were pretty close and thought they were foxes, had large bushy tails. We watched them stroll north across the lake till they almost reached shore, then they headed east toward Kentucky Point and disappeared into a yard about six houses west of Kentucky Point. It was fun watching them cross with my binoculars, the darker, larger one lead the way, the smaller reddish brown one wandered around, sniffed at the snow even sat down once.  The other kept looking back as if to say, “come along now”.  Wonder if they were familiar with the north shore, maybe they live there, have been watching for them to return.



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