My Clark Lake Story

Sheri Jenski Bush

Breathe easy.

Yes, I have many stories I could tell as I’ve been a bartender at the Beach Bar at Clark Lake since May, 1986. However, I’ll tell my own Clark Lake story.

It was not just any day in May, it was Thursday of Memorial Day weekend that I received a call from Tom… Read more »

John Calhoun

My connection to Clark Lake began in the summer of 1962.  I was raised on a farm in Lenawee County and the family business of dairy and beef cattle required a vast amount of hay to keep the creatures content during the winter.  Putting up hay in the hot July and August weather was made… Read more »

Mary N. Bentley

My earliest memories of Clark Lake were circa summer 1928 when I was two years old.  My mother took me to the main pier at Eagle Point every afternoon.  There was a 25-foot slide, a twirling fun merry-go-round, bowling alley and dance hall with live bands every weekend in the summer. They later made the… Read more »

Buzzy Belcher

It was one of those mornings…You know the kind I’m talking about. It’s August, the sun is starting to get high, there is mist coming up from the super calm water. You might be wearing shorts or a bathing suit, but definitively it’s a sweatshirt morning. If this had been a week day we would… Read more »

Walt Reed

The Clark Lake Community is an important part of my life. The Reed family has been part of this community for over 150 years. The first postmaster at Clark’s Lake (still spelled that way on some Michigan maps) was Great Uncle Jay D. Reed who was also one of the founders of the Clark Lake… Read more »

Angela Ligibel

Wondering what life was like in the forties on the Clark Lake Shore? Lend an ear and I’ll tell you more.

Eagle Point Hotel was the resort of the summer. Glorious southern hospitality ever-present with Virginia Every, who, with her charming southern smile, made all feel so welcome. Virginia’s other half, owner Rollo M. Every,… Read more »

Amy Belcher Bless

Any of us who have spent summers at the lake know how storms can come up quickly.   Before you could track radar on your iPad, we had no early warning of impending turbulence.  So I have at least one storm story that I won’t ever forget.

As girls a neighbor, Ellen Shenefield, and I took… Read more »

Mike Ligibel

Anyone who has spent summers at Clark Lake while growing up knows what that means.  You have fun, make friends and create a lifetime of memories.  One summer in the early 1960s, Charlie Timberlake and I became buddies.  His family had a nearby cottage, a few closer to Eagle Point.  I soon learned that the… Read more »

Elise Bentley Fish

Here are a few of my favorite Clark Lake memories:

Rollo Every’s Eagle Point, the Ball Diamond, the Old Hotel and the Roller Rink, the Eagle’s Nest, Clark Lake Players, the Water Slide and the Drop Off.

Watermelon at Every’s house, the measuring wall and dress up games. Cannon’s lined along the shore, every 4th… Read more »

Beckey Ligibel

All “Clark Lakers” have their favorite memories, thoughts, people and moments about Clark Lake.  Reflecting on a few of mine, it was harder than I imagined.  Not for a lack of ideas, but rather, how to select just a few. Here are some that come to mind.

Putting the dock in, playing on the shore,… Read more »