My Clark Lake Story

Jack Bentley, M.D.

As America recognizes the accomplishments and sacrifices of its combat veterans, it’s fitting to salute a World War II veteran in our midst.  The following is based upon several lengthy interviews with Dr. Bentley.

It was March, 1944, and World War II would not be over for more than a year. D Day was still… Read more »

Sue Seeger Wiemer

Six Generations of Summer People at Clark Lake

My family has been coming to Clark Lake from Toledo, in the summers since the 1890’s. I have a picture of my grandfather, Valentine Seeger, at about 14 years old, standing on a dock with two other young men. They all are wearing suits, and… Read more »

Larry Ryan–Summer at St. Rita Chapel

For a Catholic family that spent the summer at Clark Lake, attending Sunday mass at the white clapboard St. Rita Chapel near Kentucky Point was as much a part of being at the Lake as swimming, water skiing, sailing or going to the Beach Bar, the Tap Room, or Star Theater on Saturday nights. It… Read more »

Larry Ryan–Pleasant View

My first memory of Clark Lake was approximately 1953 or 1954.  Our family rented Bud Morrow’s log cabin on Pleasant View Drive. As a 9-year old kid from Toledo, Clark Lake was heaven. The trees were enormous and the lake was pristine and seemingly endless. It was my impression that every Clark Lake cottage had… Read more »

Don Nichols

As I read the stories of Clark Lake residents, I note many anecdotes which dovetail with my own memories. My first conscious memory of the lake begins in the water, lying on a board, learning to paddle with my hands, no fear only the joy of the moment with family members close.

Life began at… Read more »

Laurice LaZebnik

Note- As a child, who hasn’t had to deal with the fear of something–snake, ghost or bear–lurking behind a closet door or under a bed ready to strike and “get” you?  In Laurice’s case, it was a bear that followed her into adulthood.  Read how she dealt with it while at her Clark Lake cottage.

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Jon Broderick

I learned to swim at Clark Lake when I was 4 years old. Our first cottage was a log cabin a few door east of the Pleasant View Hotel. I’ll never forget our neighbor, Bobby Sheely who forced me to learn to swim by holding me under water for a long time. It scared me,… Read more »

Bill Tuttle

“Tales from the Naked Lake”

It was a Sunday in January, 1979 when we were winding down for the night, getting ready for school the next day. A fire crackled in the fireplace, creating a cozy glow against the glistening blanket of snow outside our window. A lone snowmobile headlight raced past Eagle… Read more »

Becky Consonni

Our family has been at Clark Lake since 1949 when my Great Uncle Bob and Aunt Ada Hamilton discovered how fun it was to catch fish here. He used to catch huge Northern Pike and save their jaws as trophies by attaching them to the basement door. As kids when we saw those smelly fish… Read more »

Bill Leutz

In 1956 and 1957, after moving to the west side of Eagle Point, I began to spend more time with Butch Fish and Jim Swain. At that time, Butch lived just up the road, between our cottage and the Hotel; and Jim lived about eight cottages the other direction, along Lakeview Drive.

This story recalls… Read more »