Historical Perspectives

1947 Dollars at Eagle Point

It’s safe to say that Eagle Point has generated thousands of memories for those who visited it or lived around it. Many of those memories occurred during the years that Rollo Every owned and operated a resort on Eagle Point that offered a hotel, restaurant, dance pavilion, a bowling alley, later a roller skating, shooting… Read more »

The Little Red Schoolhouse on the Lake

By Dick Hitt and Walt Reed

The following story of early life at Clark Lake was written by Gordon Hitt in 1968. Gordon was the father of Richard “Dick” Hitt who contributed a lot of talent and effort to move the former Graziani cottage to its present position in the county park where it serves… Read more »

How US-12 Got Its Start

By Bill Leutz

Most of us, who live around Clark Lake, are familiar with the name “The Chicago Pike.” Today it is known and traveled as U.S. 12, but it’s history as a route across Southern Michigan goes far back into the period referred to as Pre-History. Many of us also know it as the… Read more »

An Eagle Point Wedding Full of Clark Lake Connections

Sally Dandar and B.J. Lyons were introduced to each other while still in the arms of their mothers. This introduction took place between the Ligibel and Lyons’ cottages, located side-by-side on Eagle Point Road facing the west end of the lake. Through the years, the families always remarked, even joked, “wouldn’t it be something if… Read more »

The Story of Eagle Point’s Rollo Every

By Bill Leutz

My personal memories of Clark Lake are all associated with Eagle Point. During the earliest years, we rented on the west shore of the point, but shortly after the end of World War II, Dad made arrangements to spend the summer renting from Rollo and Virginia Every on the east shore of… Read more »

Clark Lake Lions Club Ice Festival, 1974

The Clark Lions Club has long had a strong presence at Clark Lake.  Because of the Lions, Clark Lake is a better place, and along the way they have added a “fun factor.”  Here’s an example.  On January 26, 1974, the Lions sponsored an ice festival at the Columbia Township Park at the west end. … Read more »

A New Look at Clark Lake’s Past

By Bill Leutz

If you’ve been associated with Clark Lake for years, you may feel you know it well. But, as is so often the case, the history of a place contains so many twists and turns the question emerges—can anyone be thoroughly familiar with the full story?  For example, Brooklyn has a street named Delameter…. Read more »

Pontiac, the Military Leader

by Laurice LaZebnik

I can imagine 12 year-old Obwandiyag boy stopping for a swim in Clark Lake. He might be on his way to see his mother’s Potawatomi birthplace. This future leader would have jogged along North Stoney Lake Road, turned south towards what is now the Beach Bar.

Back in 1734 these roads were Indian trails…. Read more »

The Reeds of Clarklake

By Walter Reed

G. Ray Reed . . . Will Reed . . . Marion, Bus, Wink and Raynor . . . The Dozen Cousins!  There have been Reed’s in and around Clarklake for the last 140 years.  And yes, Reed Road is part of Reed History.

James B. & Lydia Reed “emigrated” from upstate… Read more »