Historical Perspectives

An Eagle Point Retrospective

When you read My Clark Story accounts on this website, you can see how deeply Clark Lake is embedded in our collective souls.  The lake becomes part of life in a variety of ways.  But this stands out:  no matter how different the experience, Clark Lake’s icons are always part of Clark Lake stories.  Places… Read more »

A Blast from the Past

The Clark Lake Lions Club distributed a map of Clark Lake around 1960.  It included ads for many of the businesses that served Clark Lake.

As you look this over, notice the phone numbers in the ads.  Some of the Clark Lake numbers began with LA 9 (LAkeside 9).  At the that this map was… Read more »

Clark Lake Players – August 1963

What the Clark Lake Players brought to the community is an important part of our history.  First performing at the Pleasant View Pavilion, and later at Eagle Point, they drew audiences from far and wide.

Fifty-one years ago the Clark Lake Players celebrated their tenth anniversary season.  They ended the summer with one of Broadway’s… Read more »

Pine Riders Put on a Show

The Pine Riders Water Ski Club was mostly known by the success of its members.  Many names are still familiar at Clark Lake–Vermeulen, Curtis, Belcher, Krupa, Timberlake, King, and Broderick.  These, and other Pine Riders, collected winning hardware from Clark Lake tournaments, sponsored by the Cit and Pat and/or the Club–and from tournaments country-wide.    But… Read more »

Cottage: What’s Your Name?

The Cincinnati-Northern Railroad changed everything.  It transformed Clark Lake from a rural outpost to resort destination.  People from Cincinnati, Toledo and other points south elected to escape stifling summer heat and to enjoy the natural air conditioning of Clark Lake.  To judge the degree of impact, read Carlotta Graziani’s description of her own arrival at… Read more »

Early Settlers of Clark Lake, George S. Stranahan and Family

By Bill Leutz

Settlement during the early years of Michigan, and specifically Columbia Township, are fairly well known. The end of the War of 1812 opened the way for an early influx of settlers in the vicinity of Fort Detroit, and the opening of the Erie Canal in 1825 greatly reduced travel times from the… Read more »

1947 Dollars at Eagle Point

It’s safe to say that Eagle Point has generated thousands of memories for those who visited it or lived around it. Many of those memories occurred during the years that Rollo Every owned and operated a resort on Eagle Point that offered a hotel, restaurant, dance pavilion, a bowling alley, later a roller skating, shooting… Read more »

The Little Red Schoolhouse on the Lake

By Dick Hitt and Walt Reed

The following story of early life at Clark Lake was written by Gordon Hitt in 1968. Gordon was the father of Richard “Dick” Hitt who contributed a lot of talent and effort to move the former Graziani cottage to its present position in the county park where it serves… Read more »

How US-12 Got Its Start

By Bill Leutz

Most of us, who live around Clark Lake, are familiar with the name “The Chicago Pike.” Today it is known and traveled as U.S. 12, but it’s history as a route across Southern Michigan goes far back into the period referred to as Pre-History. Many of us also know it as the… Read more »