Historical Perspectives

Eagle Point Mint and More!

Two recent articles on this website revealed that Rollo Every, as proprietor of the Eagle Point Hotel, was in the minting business.  He apparently created tokens that were given out to be redeemed at the resort. Bob Fish found one of the 5-cent pieces in his mother’s belongings–he is donating it to the Clark Lake… Read more »

More from Rollo’s Mint

Recently this website reported that Rollo Every, proprietor of the Eagle Point Hotel, minted his own coins, apparently for the use of hotel guests. Bob Fish found one of these five-cent pieces among his mother’s belongings and donated it to the Clark Lake Community Center.  There it will become part of the Center’s memorabilia collection.  To view… Read more »

Rollo Every’s Mint

Is it possible that in addition to owning and managing the Eagle Point Hotel and Resort, Rollo was also in the minting business?  There is something to this.  Recently found was a five-cent token given out to be redeem at the hotel.  The five-cent piece was discovered by Bob Fish and was among his mother’s belongings.  His… Read more »

The Impetus behind the Clark’s Lake Settlements of the 1830’s

by Bill Leutz

In previous articles we have looked at the histories of some of the first settlers at Clark’s Lake. I thought it might be interesting to look at what was happening in the bigger picture of Northeastern America; the events that delayed the development of Michigan, but eventually led to the influx of… Read more »

Keeping Track

One of the goals of this website is to keep count of all things Clark Lake, and there is an entire section devoted to it:  Vital Statistics.

Keeping track at Clark Lake is not a new thing.  In 1959 Bowser Eagy started the Boat Count.  The count continued but after his passing the written record… Read more »

Clarks Lake–Close to Jacksonopolis in 1839

by Bill Leutz

Last week I had the good fortune to be included in a small group, including Ann Swain and Dean & Betsy Frazen, who were invited to spend some time in the home of friends on Beaver Island, in northern Lake Michigan. While there I had the opportunity to observe the oldest map… Read more »

What Became of Clark Lake’s Neighbor, Fentonville?

Fentonville, Liberty Township, Jackson Co., Michigan

By Bill Leutz

A couple of weeks ago, this website posted a copy of a map of Columbia Township made available by Ted Ligibel, author of  “Clark Lake: Images of a Michigan Tradition.” If you don’t have a copy of this great book about our lake, you can find… Read more »

A New, Very Old, Map

What unites the Clark Lake community is the love of the lake.  And, with this love comes an indefatigable interest in its history.  On this website there are three sections that spotlight history–My Clark Lake Story (real life experiences of those at the lake), Historical Perspectives (where  you are now) and Tributes (stories of those… Read more »

Trolley Cars along Clark Lake Shores

By Bill Leutz

Thanks to Jim & Janet Seaman and Ruthann Cochran, I recently found myself with the opportunity to spend some time with Deland’s History of Jackson County, Michigan. This 1,123 page book by Colonel Charles L. Deland, published in 1903, is one of two known histories of the county. Talking to Rick Belcher,… Read more »

Early Settlers of Clark Lake, Part II

By Bill Leutz

In my last article, I mentioned Anson DeLameter, Edward DeLameter and Samuel Marsh as being the second group of settlers to arrive at Clark’s Lake. Today, I’ll take a look at that story, as well as the life of Anson Harry DeLamater.

The DeLameter family line is an old one, descending from… Read more »